We move the heaviest freight shipments across the country.

Companies in manufacturing, construction, energy, and healthcare have large specialized freight shipments that must get to other business locations or to warehouses.

From moving large amounts of palletized freight to getting heavy industrial equipment out on the road, these shipments require specialized heavy haul trucking solutions.

Our Full Truckload company will get priority rush shipments out on the road immediately so the freight reaches its destination in that same day, overnight, the next day or within two days depending on the delivery location.

Fastest Specialized Heavy Haul Trucking Options

Heavy Haul Trucking

Accessing dependable carrier fleets, experienced drivers, and optimal logistical strategies are just a few of the benefits offered through our Full Truckload services. In addition, we provide reliable and safe transportation options that companies can depend on to get their shipment anywhere -- throughout the United States, in Canada and into Mexico -- while meeting strict delivery deadlines.

Whether a company is sending replacement equipment to a manufacturing production line in the next county, or a full load of palletized products to a warehouse on the other coast, Full Truckload will provide the expedited services that ensures the shipment will reach any commercial destination to keep your operations running efficiently.

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Expedited Long Haul Trucking

When freight has to travel long distances, costs can significantly rise especially when dealing with full truckloads of time sensitive freight, time critical freight, emergency shipments and late shipments. Transport companies such as Full Truckload will look into every logistical option possible to provide the fastest express freight services that fit into your company's budget. We have the large straight trucks and tractors available to move big shipments from coast to coast.

Specialized Heavy Haul Trucking

All the ground transportation work is accomplished through our company without cross docking or transfers no matter how long the trip is. We have team drivers operating the vehicle as they will take sleep shifts in the truck. This tactic minimizes the number of stops they have to make as it provides the point-to-point services that our customers trust. In addition, we offer scheduled air cargo transportation as well as expedited air charter solutions. Our air cargo option will place the freight onto a consolidated flight to the destination. For faster air service, we can book a pilot and plane through our air charter option as they will exclusively fly only that customer's shipment out.

Same Day Expedited Cargo

Same Day Expedited Cargo

Have a full load of smaller heavy crates that has to reach the destination by the end of the day or overnight? We can still handle the job. Our 10,000+ carrier fleet also consists of sprinter large cargo vans and small straight trucks in addition to our large straight trucks and tractors. We can fully load up the heavy cargo into these vehicles if they are taking short distances across the city or across several states.

To ensure we use the right vehicle for the job, we use a freight-to-truck matching system. Tell us about the shipment size, weight and bulkiness. We will take this information and use it to match the shipment to the appropriate vehicle that can handle the specialized heavy haul trucking tasks. No matter what time of the day the shipment appears, give our agents a call. Our drivers will arrive within 2 hours or less, depending on the location of the freight, to pick it up.

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Comprehensive Fleet Management

Transporting specialized heavy haul freight is only one step of the process here at Full Truckload. Providing this express freight work requires our company to have the experienced, trained and licensed drivers who know how to load, transport and unload the heavy freight safely as well as maintaining all of our vehicles to the highest levels of service. We have comprehensive fleet management protocols to ensure drivers and vehicles will always get specialized heavy haul loads to their destinations in the fastest manner.

Trucking Fleet

We perform detailed inspections, servicing and maintenance to our sprinter cargo vans, tractors and small/large straight trucks to ensure that they will operate efficiently for every transport order. Our staff also monitors and tracks shipments using the latest GPS technology to ensure that vehicles adhere to driving schedules and will meet required delivery deadlines so that the company's freight arrives that same day, overnight, the next day or within two days. By providing dedicated fleet management work, companies know they are getting a dependable and dedicated carrier that they can trust to get the shipping job done.

About Full Truckload

About Full Truckload

Full Truckload is a commercial truck carrier solution for companies of all industries. We handle all B2B freight shipments that have to arrive at different locations in the United States, Canada or Mexico. We are a premium, specialized heavy haul trucking company focused on providing same day, overnight and next day freight transportation solutions.

Our company handles all types of shipments including crates, palletized freight and machinery. Customers seek out our exceptional logistical solutions when they have freight that doesn't align with their typical supply chain schedules or deadlines -- such as emergency shipments, time critical freight, late shipments and just-in-time freight -- that need to get to the destination in the shortest time frame.

As the leading global expedited freight service, Full Truckload helps companies across the country by exploring all logistical strategies possible to get their shipment on time to the delivery destination whether the shipment has to go to a warehouse, manufacturing plant, retail store, business office, construction site or other commercial location. By offering dedicated fleet management and thousands of drivers and agents stationed across the country to help companies no matter where they are, we will get the shipment out the door and to the destination.

Benefits of Using Our Specialized Heavy Haul Trucking Services

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Experienced Agents
  • Ground and Air Transportation Options
  • A New Carrier Fleet of 10,000+ Vehicles
  • Dedicated Fleet Management Services

Have shipments that need to arrive or be shipped out after business hours? It's not a problem for the experienced staff at Full Truckload. We are available around the clock, day and night, to pick up and deliver shipments. Since your company operations may run in the evening hours and overnight, we will pick up the freight and deliver it overnight or early in the morning. Our drivers are always standing by for transport orders.

Our expedited carrier services will also provide dedicated customer service solutions from our expert agents. When you call our company, you'll speak with a live agent who will become your single point of contact for the entire transportation process. They will handle everything, from providing transport quotes, vehicle routing and scheduling, and dispatching drivers to providing invoicing and tracking vehicles. Our agents will provide real-time monitoring of every shipment to inform customers of when it will arrive at the delivery location so your workers can prepare to receive it at the loading dock or construction yard.

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Full Truckload: Specialized Heavy Haul Trucking Company


Truck carriers can have certain weight and size restrictions that dictates which type of freight they can move and what areas that they can service. Yet here at Full Truckload, we can take any specialized heavy haul that must get out on the road immediately as we will transport it anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico. So if your business needs to get freight up from Mississippi to Alaska, or you want it taken to the airport in Pennsylvania so it can go on a flight to Hawaii, we are the company that will handle the entire job. 

Our company is not restricted to certain weight limits as we have a vast partner carrier fleet of various vehicles to select from to move commercial freight. Any heavy haul that can safely fit onto our vehicles will be moved to the destination for same day, next day or two-day delivery depending on the distance. We have the resources to successfully move commercial freight to its destination while searching for cost savings that will be passed on to our customers.

If you are a company that has large and heavy freight shipments that must go to another business location in the quickest manner, reach out to the professionals at Full Truckload. We will provide the ground and air transport options that will fit into your company's delivery schedule and budget. Speak with our agents today to learn about our various logistical options and to obtain a transport quote. We will send out drivers immediately to pick up and deliver the emergency and urgent shipment to the specified destination.

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