When a shipment just can’t wait, not just any delivery service will do.

When you need something to arrive at its destination immediately, there’s no time to spare — and the standard three to five day shipping timelines won’t work.

When fast shipping is necessary, whether a delivery makes it or not can spell the difference between a large monetary loss or keeping business operations streamlined and customers happy.

Whatever your reasons for requiring expedited shipping, please know that there are various solutions available for ensuring your shipments are transported from Point A to Point B in the timeline required — and one of the most common expedited transportation options is by truck. On this page, we’ll take a look at some of the key benefits associated with expedited truckload transportation, what to look for in an expedited carrier and more.

Benefits of Expedited Truckload Transportation

Before we get into some of the benefits of expedited truckload transportation, let’s first define what exactly expedited trucking is. Specifically, expedited trucking is a field of trucking that deals with rush freight orders that must arrive at a specific time. Typically, expedited truckloads travel fairly long distances, often through the night, and deliver the items by the next day at the latest. Expedited truckloads achieve these fast delivery times by making fewer stops along the way, working with a logistics system that can help map the fastest routes and, as we previously mentioned, traveling through the nighttime hours with the No. 1 priority of getting the shipment to its destination in the time that's required.

Expedited Truckload

In addition to ensuring that your products or items quickly get from Point A to Point B, there are a number of benefits associated with expedited truckload transportation, many of which you can realize by working with us as your provider.

Here’s a closer look:

  • Freight transportation: Unlike some expedited transportation services where cargo amounts are limited, expedited trucking permits businesses to transport many items at once for long distances. This can ensure that plenty of product reaches its destination so that a subsequent expedited shipment isn’t also necessary.
  • Speed: Just because it’s worth mentioning again, the speed of the deliveries is exceptional. After all, they don't call it "expedited" for nothing. When you need to get a shipment to its destination fast, you can count on expedited trucking to accomplish it in a variety of ways. One, there's the fact that a good solution provider will be at the pickup location quickly, as drivers are always standing by ready to spring into action. Two, drivers make fewer stops and are backed by a logistics platform to help them select the fastest and most efficient route along their way. And three, good transportation providers are backed by a comprehensive network, where drivers can switch driving duties to ensure that stops are at a minimum. A good network also ensures that any issues are able to be dealt with quickly and efficiently along the way.
  • Logistics: A good trucking transportation company doesn't rely on paper maps or turn-by-turn directions, it relies on a comprehensive, advanced, next-generation logistics platform that can help it map out the fastest routes to take when time is of the essence. Because when time is a factor, any sort of time savings is important — no matter how great or how small. A good logistics platform can help streamline time savings, all of which adds up at the end to ensure a timely delivery.
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What to Look for in an Expedited Transportation Partner

Expedited Transportation Partner

While we're pleased to help our clients realize the benefits that we've listed above, there are a bevy of considerations and factors that you should weigh when choosing a transportation provider to deliver your shipment.

We strongly encourage you to do your homework ahead of time so that if an urgent shipping issue ever arises, you have a company that you can call on immediately and won't have to do the vetting or settle on a provider at the time that you need it.

Here's a look at some of the factors you definitely want to be on the lookout for in a quality, credible provider:

  • Immediacy: When it comes to an urgent shipment, you want to be treated like a VIP customer. That means the provider sending a driver and a truck to the shipment's origin to begin the transportation process as soon as you need it. After all, when time is of the essence, there's none of it to waste. Look for a provider that has expedited truckload drivers standing by and ready to take work as it comes in. You don't want to be waiting hours — or worse, days — for an available driver to take your shipment to where it needs to go. By then, you could be out lots of money, not to mention credibility.
  • Low cost: When it comes to expedited truck transportation, settling for the lowest cost provider isn't something that you want to chance. You get what you pay for when it comes to delivery services, so choosing low cost often also comes at the expense of quality and credibility. Expedited trucking is a specialty service, and those who do it well are professional, credible and reliable. If you go with the low cost option, it'll often end up costing you much more than the savings on the shipment in the long term.
  • Depth of network: In order to transport product faster, expedited truck drivers often take turns throughout their journey so that they're not subject to the regular stoppages that other drivers have to abide by legally. In doing so, drivers often meet truckers along their routes at certain stops or at certain checkpoints to switch who operates behind the wheel. How vast and how deep is the trucking network of the company that you're considering? Does it have drivers able to meet at checkpoints regardless of where said checkpoints are to keep driving on track? Or will there be a delay as drivers make the switch? Or, worst of all, will there be no switch and will drivers have to make the necessary stops and take the breaks required by law? Knowing the answer to this question can be the difference between whether your deliveries arrive on time or not. 
  • Credibility: Regardless of the service that you're looking at hiring, you should always make sure to do your homework on the company. The same is true when it comes to expedited trucking providers. Check out the company's website and learn more about its history, its specializations and who some of its customers are. Check for industry association memberships, awards and accolades. See if the company has any testimonials from their customers posted, and you might even ask for references when vetting the providers that you're considering. Just as you would any service company, you should be doing your homework on any trucking company. After all, the end result depends a lot on whatever company you decide to hire when you're in a pinch.

We're proud to check all of the boxes for credibility, reliability, consistency and efficiency when it comes to our expedited truckload services, giving you the peace of mind that your shipment is in good hands when you need it the most. We understand how important an expedited shipment is, which is why we'll treat your delivery as if it's our highest priority. Don't take it from us, just listen to what our plethora of satisfied customers have to say about our delivery services and how we've helped them through challenging situations. It's what we're proud to do, and we're very good at what we do. What's more is that when you work with us you can rest assured that you'll have one — and only one — point of contact along the way. This point of contact will always be available to answer questions and update your shipment's progress, you'll never get the runaround.

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For more information on the benefits and value of expedited truckload services, contact us today. With a wealth of experience in the transportation industry, a dedication to moving product by ground and the guarantee that your shipments will arrive where you need them to go when you need them to get there, we’re your one-stop shop for everything expedited — whether it’s by ground or by air. Contact us today to learn more about our expansive offerings across our wide-ranging network. If you’re looking for a reliable, dedicated expedited shipment company, look no further than us.

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