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Nothing is more important to us than your shipment, and we'll move heaven and Earth to prove it.

To say that your shipping needs are of critical importance is, at this point, probably a little bit of an understatement.

As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, you're probably used to doing a lot of things yourself. After all, it's a large part of what inspired you to start a company in the first place - you identified a gap in the marketplace and decided that nobody would be able to fill it better than you. You've worked incredibly hard to get where you are today and all of your success came from your own vision, passion and expertise.

What It Means to Be a Hot Shot Trucking Company

But unfortunately, there are just some things that you CAN'T do alone. Shipping, in our opinion, is one of them.

Setting up this type of logistical chain may seem straightforward, but many quickly realize it can easily become a nightmare to handle. When you need to get essential shipments across North America or even into Mexico or Canada, how do you know who to call? Are those drivers that you found really as experienced as they say they are? They claim to have worked with loads like yours before, but do you know that for a fact? What steps have they put in place to make sure that nothing will get lost, damaged or stolen in transit? Anything?

These are all difficult questions to answer, causing the process itself to quickly feel overwhelming. But we're here to say that thanks to the Hot Shot trucking team at, these are things that you absolutely do NOT have to spend time worrying about any longer.

Full Truckload Expedite

At its core, a Hot Shot trucking service provider is more than just someone who is capable of getting the job done. It's a term that describes someone (often many someones) who are ready and willing to go above and beyond to make the impossible, possible.

We understand that especially these days, life moves incredibly fast. One minute, you think you have more than enough time to get that shipment out the door and to its destination on-time. But when you consider everything going on in the world right now and the fact that we're all going through a collective experience that is pretty unprecedented in more ways than one, you really can't leave anything to chance.

You shouldn't have to deal with unexpected delays that could potentially damage your relationships with your clients. You shouldn't have to try to make sense of vague status updates from shipping partners that really don't tell you as much as you need. You shouldn't have to fight to get someone on the phone every time you have a question or a concern.

This, in essence, is a large part of why we've built our Hot Shot trucking service offerings the way we have - to take as much of the guesswork out of the equation as possible so that you can always have complete confidence knowing that all of your shipping needs are taken care of.

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Why Hot Shot Trucking Matters

At, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer more than just a simple shipping experience. We want to offer you the types of services that you absolutely will not be able to find anywhere else.

These services and benefits include but are certainly not limited to important ones like:

  • Hot Shot trucking service options where your time sensitive items are the ONLY cargo on board the vehicle in question. Again, not only does this go an incredibly long way towards avoiding any unnecessary and costly delays, but it can help make sure that none of your items are lost before they reach their final destination.
  • Note that because our fleet is so versatile, we're also able to carry smaller loads, too. In fact, we NEVER put a limit on the size of any shipment - particularly with regards to weight or dimensions. So whether you need to get a small or average-sized shipment moved across the city or you're trying to get a piece of heavy machinery across the country as quickly as possible, we absolutely have what it takes to make sure that the job gets done properly.
  • Really, so long as the destination for your shipment is accessible in any way, shape or form, we'll get it where it needs to go - guaranteed. We always take the time to learn as much as possible about your shipment, your schedule and your requirements up front s that we can get your items where they're going as quickly as possible.
  • Likewise, we've gone to great lengths to make sure that our onboarding process is as easy as possible over the years. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Tell us what you're shipping and where it's going and our dedicated team of passionate, experienced professionals will take it from there.
Truckload Carrier Service

Again, a big part of the reason why we're able to offer express trucking, next day and even overnight shipments is because our Hot Shot trucking capabilities give us access to some of the best truckers on the road today. We know Hot Shot truckers in every state, as well as in Canada and Mexico. We've vetted them all personally and when we say that they have experience in your industry or in shipping exactly the types of items you're now working with, you can believe it with 100% certainty.

Regardless of what your shipment happens to be, we'll get exactly the right type of vehicle to your loading dock in as little as two hours. It'll be driven by a team of drivers who have been fully trained in the safe operation of that vehicle, without question.

Speaking of vehicles, we also have a number of additional options that you can choose from if your shipment requires some type of special considerations. These include things like:

  • Pilot cars
  • Flagmen
  • Curtain sides
  • Permit loads
  • Air ride suspension
  • Rack and tarp
  • And more

We also have a lot of different standard vehicles, many of which would be perfectly acceptable for a job like yours:

  • Sprinter vans
  • Straight trucks
  • Dry vans
  • Flat-bed trailers
  • Top-of-the-line rigs

Note that you'll also get access to a dedicated agent to call your very own - someone who is available to take your call to address concerns or answer questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you ever need anything, they're ready and willing to take your call - exactly as it should be. Putting Our Experience to Work For You

From the moment we originally opened our doors at until now, our core philosophy has remained the same. We want to get a task completed, no matter what.

We understand that not every shipment is going to be straightforward on your end. Sometimes you're dealing with unexpected deadlines that seemed to crop up out of nowhere. Other times you may be dealing with a pallet of long delayed parts that you need to get into the hands of a customer who has already been waiting far too long.

Because of that, it absolutely doesn't matter what you're shipping or where it needs to go. It doesn't even matter when it needs to be there by. We're going to make it happen - absolutely no exceptions.

This is a big part of the reason why we've gone out of our way to partner with ONLY the best Hot Shot drivers in the industry. Every one of our drivers - and the specialty vehicles they operate - is dedicated to keeping your shipments safe, even under the harshest conditions. We have state-of-the-art rigs and drivers that have literally seen it all. We also always pledge to make continuous investments in both our equipment AND our team, allowing us to provide the best experience possible to customers like you, no matter what.

Full Truckload Tractor

We also make it a priority to get to know each of our client's businesses on a basic level, putting us in an excellent position to give them the type of care and attention-to-detail that they absolutely won't be able to find anywhere else. We'll learn everything that we can about your shipment so that we can always provide the right solutions for your needs, all in the fastest and most efficient ways that we can.

So if you'd like to find out more information about what it means to partner with a Hot Shot trucking company like, or if you'd just like to talk a little bit more about what you're trying to ship and where it needs to go, please don't delay - contact us today at 1-800-373-2480. Note that if you'd like, you can also head on over to our dedicated page at TrustPilot to read some reviews that have been left by satisfied clients over the years.

CALL (800) 373-2480

CALL (800) 373-2480

CALL (800) 373-2480

CALL (800) 373-2480